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Clear Skys Complete Observatory

Coming Soon:

  •  Electric Drive for Dome Position!

  •  Computerized Drive System

  •  Fully Automated Dome Positioning

  Standard Complete Observatory.


Enjoy viewing in style with your own observatory. Get out of the wind and cold. Leave your equipment set up in the secure lockable observatory, eliminating the need to reset collimation and polar alignment. Your new Clear Skys Observatory will aid in dark adaptation by shielding out stray and ambient light. All Observatories are pre-assembled, with all hardware, in our facility to insure easy setup on your site.

Standard Features

  •  Fiberglass construction
  •  Stainless steel hardware and fasteners
  •  Six point roller system that rotates the dome smooth and easy
  •  Three point centering roller system
  •  Delrin shutter track
  •  Easy to reach shutter latch
  •  Three point door latch with key locking handle
  •  8- foot cylinder with plenty of room
  •  Shutter opening from inside the observatory
  •  Large mounting flange
  •  Three handles strategically located for dome rotation
  •  24 slot opening


Clear Skys Observatories are constructed with marine grade fiberglass.


The wall system consists of four sections, three wall panels and one door wall. The Clear Skys wall panels have refined details, which greatly improves strength and stability of the walls. Door location allows the floor to be elevated for improved


The two-piece shutter is opened from inside the observatory a single latch locks the two pieces when not in use. The shutter operates on a track system for smooth and easy operation


The door is one-piece fiberglass door and come standard with a three-point latch. The L shaped handle has an integral keyed lock

Stainless steel fixtures:

  •  Easy open and lock shutter on unique rail system
  •  Three point door lock




       Click on Picture

Assembled Walls:

                                       Height                             54 inches

                                       Inside diameter               102 inches

                                       Outside diameter            112 inches


The dome is constructed from a one-piece mold for strength and durability. By using a one-piece mold we have eliminated all seams in the gel coat for better finish, the dome rides on a roller system, which runs, very smooth and true


                                       Height                            45 Inches

                             Inside Diameter                90 inches

                                       Slot width                       24 Inches

Assembled Observatory:

                                      Height Outside                 108 inches

                                      Height Inside                   106 inches

                                             Diameter Outside                     112 inches


  •  Base ring to mount Dome only on your building

  •  Custom Dome Color

Dome Only Kit

Cross Sectional View of Mounting Ring (Click on picture)

Ordering Information:

click here for ordering information

Shipping and Handling:

Your observatory will be packaged and shipped by common carrier to a location near your home. You will be required to pick up the packaged observatory at the trucking warehouse. It will fit on a flat bed truck or trailer. Due to the one piece dome, the crate is large.   91 inches wide  x 120 inches long x  87 inches tall. A fork lift will be required to remove it from the truck at its destination site.


Clear Skys Observatories are warranted for (1) one year against manufacturing, materials, and workmanship defects

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